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Old Dogs New Digs is dedicated to networking for senior dogs to help them find their way out of Maine shelters and into loving foster and forever homes.

We believe that every moment in an old dog’s life is precious and should be spent in love and comfort.

Old Dogs New Digs is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2016 by a handful of friends in Maine who have a soft spot for senior dogs waiting in shelters for a home or a family. We network for them to help find foster and forever homes where they can spend their last days, weeks, months, or years immersed in the comfort and love they deserve.

Ceasar at Old Dogs New Digs Maine

Many families who look for their next dog in a shelter pass right by that old dog for the younger one in the next kennel. Some worry that the old dog might not be around for as long as they’d like, or that s/he might have expensive health issues to manage. These are important things to consider for sure, and every family has to find the right dog for their situation.

There is a growing number of families, though, who approach a dog adoption in a relatively new way — with meeting the dog’s needs at the top of the list of considerations. These families enjoy tremendous satisfaction and pride that they are giving the most amazingly generous gift to a dog in need — a loving, comfortable, and safe home and family — and lots of reason for tail wags — for the rest of the dog’s days.

We work with shelters throughout the state of Maine to identify senior dogs who have been surrendered, and we network through various means, especially through social media, to find just the right place for them. In some cases, we help to prevent senior dogs from ever landing in shelters to begin with — sometimes, a family who has fallen on hard times might be unable to afford quality food and medical care for their aging dog, so we help find resources to support the dog’s needs, so s/he doesn’t have to leave the home that s/he knows and loves.

We have been overwhelmed in the best possible way with the response to our effort so far. Many like-minded people have stepped up to offer their homes as a safe haven, either as foster or adoptive families. We are grateful to realize that we are far from alone in our desire to see all senior dogs get the love and comfort they deserve in their final years.

If you’d like to join the growing movement to help senior dogs, contact us (below) to let us know you’d like to volunteer or open your home up to either fostering or adopting. We’d be delighted to hear from you!

In the meantime, we hope you'll enjoy this video, which we find to be really sweet and inspiring.

"Let's Get a Pup!" Said Kate by Bob Graham from Beth Perry on Vimeo.

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