How You Can Help ODND

Like and Share ODND’s Facebook page!

Word of mouth through social media has become a phenomenal tool for getting the word out more quickly and widely than ever before for animals who need help.

You can help ODND in a big way simply by liking and sharing ODND’s Facebook page and sharing posts that we make to bring attention to dogs who need foster and forever homes.

Thank you, friend! We’ll see you on Facebook!

Donate any amount of money you can afford — quickly, easily, and securely through PayPal.

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No amount is ever too small — every little bit helps!

Money we raise goes primarily to providing veterinary care and specialty food for senior dogs who need our help. Old dogs, by their very nature, require more veterinary attention than young dogs. Even in the best of circumstances, they tend to have chronic ailments such as arthritis and kidney disease that require maintenance medications and special diets.

We also help many old dogs whose health has been neglected for a long time for any number of reasons, so their medical needs are often urgent, multiplied, complicated, and require expensive surgical procedures. For these cases, having a cushion of cash enables us to pursue relief immediately for old dogs who are suffering.

Thank you for contributing any amount you can to help us build up the reserve we need to make sure we can help every dog who comes our way — right away.

Relatively little time is left for old dogs, and our goal is to make their golden years, months, weeks, or days the very best they can possibly be.

If you prefer, you can send a check to Old Dogs New Digs, PO Box 244, Cumberland, ME 04021.

(Old Dogs New Digs is a 501c3 tax-exempt organization EIN: 81-2989120)

Thank you!

Foster — Give an Old Dog a Place to Stay Until They Can Find Their Forever Home

ODND is not a shelter; instead, we are a large network of families throughout Maine who invite homeless dogs to stay with us as beloved “house guests” until the right forever home can be found for them. Some of us serve as short-term foster homes; some of us, long-term foster homes; still others, hospice homes for old dogs who are at the end of their lives.

We always welcome new foster home families to join the network so that we are better able to make the right match for each dog’s unique foster-home needs. If you’d like to join our network, please email, and we’ll get to work matching you up with an old dog who needs a nice place to stay for a bit.


We’d love to have your help on any number of fronts — working directly with animals; administration and management; marketing and communications; fundraising; and technology. Please email to let us know where your skills are strongest, and how you’d like to apply your skills to the work we do.

Donate returnable bottles and cans to ODND through Hannaford’s Community Cash program by CLYNK.

A few notes about using CLYNK:

  • Email us to request your free ODND tags.
  • Use only green 100% recyclable CLYNK bags. You can buy boxes of 10 bags at Hannaford for $1.75. We’re also happy to give you bags, but they’re expensive to ship, so we’d be happy to meet up with you to hand-deliver them; just Email us to request a delivery.
  • Each bag has a 20-pound weight limit (you can mix plastic, glass, and aluminum).
  • Please leave enough room to tie off the top of the bag with a good knot.
  • Please put no more than 6 Smiling Hill Farm bottles in a bag.
  • Drop off your full CLYNK bag at a Hannaford CLYNK station, or Email us to request a bag pick-up.

You can also — if you have your own CLYNK account — donate your balance to ODND. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your CLYNK account.
  2. Click the Donate link in the left column under the My Account heading.
  3. Click “I want to donate funds from my account.”
  4. Click the Continue button.
  5. Enter “Old Dogs New Digs” in the “Find a Partner” field.
  6. Click the “Donate” button.

Many thanks for helping ODND in this way!

Select ODND for AmazonSmile.

ODND is enrolled in AmazonSmile, through which you can easily and automatically support ODND every time you shop at AmazonSmile. Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to ODND.

Click the AmazonSmile graphic, and you’ll go directly to where you can choose ODND to benefit from your shopping. Then, whenever you shop at Amazon, start from the page where, at the top of the page, it will say "Supporting: Old Dogs New Digs," and eligible products say "Eligible for AmazonSmile donation" in the product description.

Buy something on ODND’s wish list.

You can help homeless senior dogs in Maine with just a few clicks by purchasing gifts on Old Dogs New Digs’ wish list created with the needs of old dogs in mind — such things as comfy memory-foam beds, flea / tick collars, treats that are good for arthritic hips and joints, and great books about old dogs that we can give to adopters as thank you gifts.

Old Dogs New Digs works collaboratively with animal shelters, veterinarians, and rescue groups to help senior dogs who are either homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Many times, senior dogs land in a shelter because their guardians come upon hard times and cannot afford to provide them with the food and supplies they need. When we learn of those cases, we can help to keep old dogs in their homes by donating food and supplies to their people.

In most cases, we need to help homeless senior dogs find a safe haven in a foster home. Food and supply donations make it much easier for foster volunteers to welcome dogs into their homes.

You can help by purchasing food and supply items that we’ve chosen on as a donation to Old Dogs New Digs, and we thank you for your generous support.


Old Dogs New Digs is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization founded in 2016 by a handful of friends in Maine who have a soft spot for senior dogs waiting in shelters for a home or a family. We network for them to help find foster and forever homes where they can spend their last days, weeks, months, or years immersed in the comfort and love they deserve.